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A place for you to share links to the websites/apps you’ve built with Prismic

If possible use this format:

  • Website/App description:
  • Link:
  • Tech stack:
  • Overall Dev Journey:


  • Website/App description: Prismic’s main Marketing website
  • Link: https://prismic.io/
  • Tech stack: Next.js, Vercel, Prismic, Theme UI
  • Overall Dev Journey: The website was first built in Scala and it was hard for the whole team (not everyone is a Scala expert) to make modifications to it. So we decided to switch to React (Next.js in particular). We are doing the switch progressively and it’s going great so far. For now, I think that the Homepage, the Technology pages (ex: https://prismic.io/gatsbyjs), the About Us page are one Prismic, more are coming this summer!

Thanks for sharing :blue_heart: