Adding slice-machine to existing next's project with prismic repo

We have a current nextjs project using prismic via graphql.
The current slice on the prismic repo were created via the web and json.

We are looking at way to improve the editor and developper experience by implementing slice-machine into the project.

However we have installed slice machine but unable to pull the custom type and slices.
The local server says everything is in sync but no slice nor type are downloaded from the repo.
Our slices are stores in a custom path.

My question therefore is:
Is it possible to use slice-machine with an existing prismic repo used in prod ?
What are the steps required to make it works ?


Hello @cyrille, welcome to the community.

Glad to hear you're interested in trying out Slice Machine.
The first thing you need to check is if Slice Machine is available in your repository. For the moment turning off the legacy builder is only available for newly created repositories. If your repository is fairly new, you should be able to see a toggle in your Settings > Repository:

If not, you'll need to create a new repository from scratch.

If you do have this toggle, and you've already installed Slice Machine in your project:

  • Could you show us a visual reference of this error?
  • Have you read through our official docs for installing Slice Machine?
  • Which framework are you using?

Thank @Pau,

Our repository is pretty old ie before the time of the slice-machine and indeed we do not have the option to turn off the Legacy Builder.
When it comes to out stack we are using nextjs 12, grahpql with a custom e-commerce backend and prismic for content.
We have no issue installing slice-machine on our code base. The issue is that we are not pulling the contentType from our repo nor our legacy slice.

But I understand for your message that we will not be able to use slice machine with the current repo.
We would need if we what to use slice machine to create a new repo and migrate the content.

Is there a way to migrate the repo easily ?

That's correct, it's impossible to migrate from the Legacy builder to Slice machine for the moment.

Thanks. I have checked your previous post.
We simply need to wait.
Would be great if this topic could move and we can get visibility on timing as this will penalise the early adopter of the platform. (they have legacy repo) :slight_smile: and can not use the new features.

Thanks for your feedback. We're working to make the migration process easier for everyone. I'll share your comments with the team.