Better overview over slices

I there a way to list up all custom types in a repository along with all slice types, for example in the API browser.
My use case is this
We have 40 custom types and many of these custom types are using the same types of slices.
If I have to do changes to a slice then I basically have to go into each custom type and check if the slices is used there.

It would make my live easier if I could list up all custom types along with the slices they contain.

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Hello Kristleifur!

Unfortunately, is not a possibility to know which documents use which Slices.

It’s important to note that, whenever you do a change to a Slice inside a Custom type, it does not automatically update the same slices in all other Custom types that use it. If you want a specific change in a Slice to be reflected everywhere, then you need to re-save the Slice in the Slice library, then head to the other Custom types and manually replace it. (this will also

It would be a useful feature to have. I’m tagging the @features-team so they can consider this one.

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What I would like is to be able to list all slices defined in a custom type not documents.
But I guess thats not possible but it would be a nice feature.
Thanks for pointing out using Slice library. :slight_smile:

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