Bring Slices from SliceMachine slices to Prismic

I can’t use slice machine yet unfortunately (gatsby user), but I really want to start taking advantage of some of the slices in the library that slice machine uses (FAQs for example)

Prismic already has some pre-defined slices, can we add the ‘new’ ones from slice machine into the standard prismic slice library


You can grab the slice models from the library on it’s github.

All the slices are there to use.

Though I agree this would be cool and was something we discussed. We are also working another solution that might be just as easy as this. I’ll update you here once I know more.


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The library manifest is kept in an sm.json file, at the root of the project. If you want all slice models, you would have to copy the “slices” object and manually add it to the “choices” key of your Prismic custom type.