Broken vimeo thumbnail

Hello :slight_smile:

Sorry I already opened a similar topic a few days ago but it is closed now because I thought the problem came from somewhere else.

It appears that after vimeo changed their thumbnail urls, every vimeo embed in my site has broken thumbnail (the default one is then showed which has vertical colored bands). In fact the only way I found to resolve this problem is to delete the videos and add them back again (see video below).

I thought the problem came from my application but in fact it doesn't, because if I check with my repo browser api, I don't get the right thumbnail either. After deleting the video and setting it back, the api returns the right thumbnail url.

Here is the video mentioned above :

And here is what the browser api gives me before changing anything :

And after deleting the video and setting it back :

So to sum things up my question is, is that something you can fix? If not, I will try to bulk re-import all my documents

Hi @romain,

Thanks for reaching out; yes, I see the problem. I will investigate and check with our dev team and get back to you as soon as I get more info.

In the meantime, do you have a documentation/article explaining the Vimeo's change to their thumbnail URLs?

Absolutely not unfortunately. I think they just didn't communicate on that or at least I can't find anything from their part :sweat_smile: But there are a lot of tweets talking about it like this one

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Alright, can you share with me (in a private message if necessary) your repository name in order to reproduce the issue on my side?

For historical reference, this issue is a continuation of this thread: Vimeo embed thumbnail url is wrong

Hi @romain
I havn't received the repository name from you. Did I miss any private messages from you? It is essential to have your repository name to be able to reproduce as the problem doesn't happen for new Vimeo videos.

I just sent it to you in private message sorry about that :slight_smile:

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Hi @romain,

I've got the repository name. Thanks, in fact, as you have fixed all the broken URLs, it would be a bit complicated to reproduce.
Anyway, I will create an issue for this and see if our production will fix this in the near future or not.

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