BUG - Labels are being deleted

When creating a custom type, if I add labels to my custom slice, they are being deleted and disappearing.

They still appear in the API response sent back. However I have to keep adding them back in the Custom Type builder tool and they do not appear in the UI.

Hello @it13, welcome to the community.

Can you please send me the URL of your repository and, if possible, a screen recording of the steps you follow to encounter the error?

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its hard to re-produce the error, but I will try and record it next time it happens


Hey @it13.

We need to know the workflow that you followed until you found the error to reproduce the case. So we can detect what causes it. Thanks.

The workflow is:

create custom type > add my custom label(s)

then when I go into Documents I can add my custom type and initially I see the new labels.

However when I later come back to the custom type the labels have disappeared. They still exist in the API call however, so it looks like it is just the UI that is missing them.


Hey there.

The team just informed me that this is a known bug that's currently being tracked in our backlog. But here's a workaround in the meantime:

  • Create the Slice on a separate "Slice Making" Custom Type or Repository
  • Copy Paste its JSON definition directly in the JSON editor of the Custom Type you want to add it to

Another option would be to replace your Slice Labels with a drop-down select field directly in the Slice. That will be a more stable option. I realize that this induces a lot of work on your side, so you'll are the best to judge which approach would work the best for you

We hope one of these workarounds will work for your team

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