[bug] New Page builder keep refreshing when coockie banner exist

Hello team,

Our website has cookie banner and it doesn't allow us to see the result in preview image.

It keep on refreshing the template page and generate lagging.

Hi Woolim,

How is your cookie banner setup? Is it setup to appear on every route. Maybe you can specify it not to appear on the /app/simulator route?


My colleague had a look at this and had these options and thoughts.

  1. Configure the cookie banner to not appear when the URL is /slice-simulator.
  2. Do not include the script on the /slice-simulator page.
  3. Use CSS on the /slice-simulator page to hide the banner. Kind of hacky, but it could work.

Regarding the reloading issue, it's not obvious to me. I don't think a cookie popup would affect how the page builder renders, unless the cookie popup itself has some kind of refreshing logic (unlikely).It's possible the Prismic toolbar is causing a refreshing issue. Again, unlikely, but there is code in the toolbar that refreshes the page if the preview cookie needs to be upgraded/replaced. You could debug the issue by removing the toolbar and the cookie banner, then re-add them one at a time.