BUG: Rich Text & labels

There is a bug concerning Rich Text & labels (css class)

A label applied to an img is lost when an existing document is edited.

Steps to reproduce:
Add a label to an image in a Rich text field.
Save and publish the doc.
Edit the document again
The label applied to the image before is lost, so if you save and publish the doc you’ll loose the information.

In the following thread,
states that it is not possible to add labels to images bot this it is not true.

Here is the model to achieve this:
“rich_description”: {
“type”: “StructuredText”,
“config”: {
“multi”: “paragraph, strong, em, hyperlink, image, list-item, o-list-item”,
“allowTargetBlank”: true,
“label”: “Rich description”,
“labels”: [“cms_text_align_left”, “cms_text_align_center”, “cms_text_align_right”],
“placeholder”: “Rich description”

Hello Juan, welcome to the Prismic forum!

Thank you very much for letting me know about this. I’ve submitted this ticket and the dev team will review it as soon as they take it from their queue.

Let me know if you can help you with anything else



I confirm this is an issue !

Insert image and float her to the left of text (using a label) is so basic ! But impossible with Prismic. Really big issue ! Plz find a solution.

Hi Floran,

Welcome to the community!

As Paulina has said we’ve made the development team aware of this and they will respond here once they investigate this further.

In the meantime we have discussed how to achieve this behaviour using Slices here:


Create a slice ‘texte + img’ is a solution, of course. But it will be more convenient to fix labels on img :slight_smile:

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