Can I import images with the "copyright" field filled?

I'm importing a bunch of content from another system, and I'm working on the script to migrate the content from one schema to another. I see I can import images via their URL (great!) and set the alt text when I do that, but can I also set the "copyright" field?

splash_image: {
  alt: 'This alt text works when I import the document',
  copyright: 'This copyright text doesn't get imported', // <- is there a way to do this?
  origin: {
    url: '',

Hello @busted_github_sso, thanks for reaching out!
This is a known limitation of the Import / Export feature. I'll add it as a feature request.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! Please also add some bare minimum of tools to help migrating content from other platforms :slight_smile: I've been hacking on the community-maintained tools for days now, haha.

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