Can't add Slices to documents

Hello, since today my client cant create news pages, because he cant choose content in slices, there is a tooltip (no variations) and click on slice is usefull, using gatsby, repo , hope u can help

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We face a very similar issue since today !

I think there is currently a bug in the Prismic editor (I see Sentry bug reports in my console) every time we try to make changes

When trying to add a new slice to our layout we see this error in the console and no update of the UI:

same error

Here is a gif of broken UI interaction

after trying to add slice,if u will save layout, then reload page u will see that slice what u want to add inside layout, so u can customise your loyout until Prismic fix this bug.

Hello everyone. Thanks for sharing your use cases with us.
To properly assist with this problem, we need you to send us the URLs of your repositories. You can send them here or by DM.


Same bug here.
I send you the repository url in DM.

There is a video about this BUG here: Slice does not appear in panel when selected, only when page refresh

Prismic repo:

Hello, teams!

Thanks to everyone for the additional information.

We were able to reproduce this issue, and we’re tracking it now as a bug on the backlog :warning:

We’ll keep everyone updated when a fix is available.


(If you're also experiencing this error, please send me the URL of your repository via DM)

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Same issue but also deleted slice isnt going away except you save and reload the page

Backlog? No, frontlog please!


Hello everyone.

This issue is now fixed.
Please let us know if you experience this again.



I am unable to add slices to custom types in slicemachine 0.5.0.
It only happens with existing types, it works flawlessly for new ones.

Are you getting any warning on the console @fetchpsd?

No warnings.

Please check the weird behavior.
If I open the modal and I click on Save instead of Cancel, the next time I open it I am able to select slices.

Perhaps browser related? I am on Brave, with Brave Shields de-activated.

I've seen other related errors linked to this browser. We'll need to investigate further. In the meantime, can you try using Chrome instead?