Can't save document

I can’t update a UID for documents in the writing room, it says that UID is taken.

The link to the API browser doesn't work in the settings page either to help me find the problem document. I think it's not passing the access token correctly.

I've tried looking up the UID on my website but it finds nothing.
I've checked archived documents and none have that same UID.

I'm really stuck on this and I need to update the documents UID.

Hi @benembery ,

Sorry to hear that this isn't working as expected! Could you let me know your repo name and the UID?


I've DM'ed you the details. Is there a way to search by UID / slugs in the writing room?

Thanks for the DM with the info, @benembery . I'm going to look into it and get back to you.


Hey @benembery ,

We had a bug that created "ghost" documents sometimes in releases. Your UID is being used by one such ghost document. One of our developers has restored that document to your archive. If you look in the archive, you should see it. You can either edit that document and republish it or delete that document and reassign the UID.

Let me know if that works, or if you have any other questions.


I'm afraid the issue persists even after deleting the "ghost" documents. I've not published the release yet so maybe this is the problem?

Hi Sam,

I'm continuing to have these issues, any update on how to resolve this?



Hey @benembery,

I've sent this back to our dev team to see if they know what could be causing the problem.

To clarify: you found the ghost document in the archive and deleted it. Now you're trying to use the UID, but you're getting the same message, that it is still in use?


Yes that’s correct, I did it before I published the release.

I’ve since published the release and still can use that same UID.

Hey @benembery ,

I've sent this back to our dev team to get them to look at it again. I'll let you know what I find out.