CDN Timeouts at

In the last few days we’ve experienced timeouts at this endpoint for a given document type. We set the timeout at 1.5s as we are querying the data for an isomorphic Next.JS application deployed via serverless. I don’t see why the requests should take more than 1.5s, I’m wondering why this happens.

Here are the time stamps:

More timeouts

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 10.13.41

Hi David,

Thank you for reporting this to us, I will be happy to investigate this issue with you.

Can you tell us if the problem has been resolved after you did set the timeout to 1.5s?


Hey, So we previously had a bespoke timeout that fired after 1.5 seconds but we switched that using the timeout option provided by the prismic-javascript package.

We are still suffering timeouts because the response takes longer than 1.5 seconds. Is this normal behaviour?