Change default locale


I wrote to the support about my issue via chat one month ago.

I want to change the default locale of my repo (By default en-gb was selected instead of en-ca and I didn't notice). I do not want to delete and recreate my repo as I'm afraid I won't get the same name available.

Can someone from @Support take it over from here since there's no way a user can do it. Thanks.

Hi Nicolas,

We apologise for that, but I couldn't find your old request, anyways can you please share with us you repository name to be able to change the master locale (in a private message if necessary).


Thank you @Fares, I sent you a private message.

This post is still product-feature-idea material nonetheless.

Any local growing business may want at some point want to change its default locale for English or else.

Could also be a change of mind while creating the website; Devs started in English and the marketing objected and instead want Français to be default instead. I can't imagine the pain it would be to migrate a full fledge website, just for this simple swap.

Food for thoughts. Cheers!

Hello @Fares!
I have the same issue Nicolas had. I need to change the master locale for my repository. I will send you a private message with the repository name and the change we need to make.

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OK, such requests handled privately.