Change master locale CA-ca


I want to change the default locale of my repository (by default es-es was selected instead of ca (Catalan) and I didn't notice). I don't want to delete and recreate my repository because I'm afraid I won't have the same name available and there's already content I don't want to lose.

Can someone from @Support modify it? I think that from the administrator I can not do it.

Hello, we can help you make this change. First please be aware of the following:

  • If the new "Main locale" already has some documents in it, the existing documents will remain and the documents from the original "Main locale" will be transferred to the new "Main locale"
  • If you're willing to make a "Main locale" change to a non-standard locale (a locale that's not available in the list of locales in the "Translations & locale" settings), you first need to create it from the settings

We'll need the following details:

  • The URL of your Prismic repository
  • The language code of the current master locale (Example en-us )
  • The language code of the locale you wish to change to (Example fr-fr)



Current language: Spanish (es-es)

I wish to change to: Catalan (ca)

Hello, we have changed the master locale of your repository.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.