Changing the width of slice fields for appearance in CMS

Is it possible to change the width of the fields you create in slice machine?

This is something available in ACF, where you can specify a width, like so:

In doing so I can place 2 fields next to each other, rather than having them stack on top of each other by default. Like this:

If this was done in prismic, this slice would just have 5 options stacked ontop of each other...

For example, these 2 fields are just options. It would be nice if they could be placed right next to each other rather than them being stacked on top of each other:

This would seriously help with the user experience using slice machine.

Here's an example (just an illustrative example, wouldn't be all booleans in practice):
A slice could have a bunch of options:

Just 6 rows of options... doesn't look very good.

If we could pick the row, or change the width of a field (100% width would mean span the whole row):

Much cleaner. A lot easier for a non-technical client to parse and understand when editing content.

Hey Ben,

Thanks for this! You're right that there's no way to do this in Prismic right now, but I'll share this feedback with the product team. I can see how this would be a nice optimization.


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