Context Menu should never be this far out of Context

Feature Idea:

Context Menu should never be this far out of Context

Issue that it solves:

I never would have found this context menu by myself. The title can be made normal text as shown in the screenshot or an h3. I would expect the context menu to be in the context of what I am editing. Or at least under the nav bar.

Screenshot or video of the issue:

Hey @cassola.caprice, thanks for reaching out.

Are you sure this is a Title field and not a Rich Text field with the API ID of title?
If you're sure, can you please send us the URL of your repository and the name of your Custom type? That way we can test and validate this issue on our side.


Hey Pau,

you misunderstood, It's not an issue, it's a request for improvement for everybody. The technical backend details are of little interest to an end user. No matter the itegration, when one interacts with an interface there are solutions that are more or less usable. This is not very usable.
If the text is this or that is totally off topic. The location of the context menu/dropdown relative to what it controls is the issue.

Thanks for the clarification. I meant that, for Title fields, the Normal Text option should not appear, which is why it seems to be a problem.

But I understand your feature request. I'm going to add it to the tracker to be able to take it into account for future improvements.