Copy individual changes across locales OR non-localised fields?

Is there a way to either copy across changes to individual or subsets of fields to other locales? I know there’s a “Copy to another locale” button, but that copies and replaces all of the fields. I have 7 locales (so far), so it’s a bit of a pain when e.g. updating an image and having to replicate that change and republish in all locales.

If there was a way to set certain fields as not translatable (i.e. for an image field that you always want to be the same in all locales) then I think that could also work, but I don’t see any way to do that either.

Is there a way to do either of these and/or any other suggestions to smooth this workflow?

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Hi @sean. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to copy selected fields from one locale to another. Nor is there any sort of non-translatable fields in Prismic. As you’ve discovered, the only option you have is the “Copy to another locale” button which copies all fields.

I will let the @features-team know about this and we will add this to our feature request tracker as a possible improvement for the future. We don’t have any plans to work on this right now, but we will let you know here if that changes at any point.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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