Custom doc schema changes going out with this possible?

When we make a schema change to a custom doc I would like those changes to only go out inside of a release. For instance, when we rename a slice or add a content type to a slice inside of a custom doc currently that immediately is live and can break what is in production. Is there a way to get those changes inside of a release?

Hey there, if I understand your use-case correctly, you’d like a safe space to iterate on your custom types that won’t break your production. For this we’d recommend using Prismic Environments, this allows you to clone your production, which will copy over all your content, custom types, assets, and users with their respective user roles. This dev environment will have its own unique URL and API endpoint. Webhooks will not be copied over so as not to impact the production.

In that new environment, you can make all the changes you want to the schema, try out the new custom types. Once you’re happy with the changes, you can update your custom types in your production environment.


Thank you @adrien.maillet!! I saw this yesterday as well:

Perfect timing!

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