Custom type ordering in CMS?

Is there a way we can define the order of custom types in the Type drowndown?

Currently they appear to be ordered by date ASC, but once you have more than a couple of types in there it becomes increasingly difficult to find what you need quickly.

Wouldn’t it be more user friendly to have them ordered alphabetically? Or even better still, let us define the order in the settings? That would be very nice!

Same logic would apply to tags and authors

Hi @tim, unfortunately there isn’t currently any way to change the order of the Custom Types in the dropdown, sorry.

I will let the @features-team know about this and we will add this to our feature request tracker as a possible improvement for the future. We don’t have any plans to work on this right now, but we will let you know here if that changes at any point.

Hey @levi thanks for looking into it.

Is there anywhere we can see your current feature request tracker, or roadmap of features?

I know your team probably has a lot on your plate at the moment, but it would be good to see how your team views the priority of certain feature requests. That way we can know if we need to wait and hold on for it to be released, build something ourselves, or try to contribute to Prismic in some way to assist?

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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