Documents lose Edit histories when moved to a release or when published

I found out that every time a document is moved to a release, it looses its history. is this correct or there is something I am missing?

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I wasn’t able to recreate this on my side.

Just to confirm are you talking about the history of publishes:

Or the history of edits?


I meant the edit history. I just tested with even documents that were not moved to a release, and it also happens.

What it means is that once a document is published, it loses all the edit histories.

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OK, so that’s expected behaviour. Before a document is published it will list everyone who made changes and what changes they made.

Once the document is published, all the changes will be grouped together and put under the name of the last person who made changes.

It would have been better if we are still able to view the edit history. especially for the first release.

When a document is first released, the edit history is very very important. for subsequent releases, they are not really important because the changes made will come mostly from one editor.

That’s an interesting idea. I’ll tag the @features-team so the can take that in to consideration if they ever make any changes to this process. :grinning:

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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