Duplication of all Linked Documents


I've been using prismic for a few months now and we work

  • Listings (a page of an establishment)
  • Services (connected to 1 establishment)

The question we have now, is if there is the possibility to:
When i "Duplicate" a listing, all it's "linked" documents get duplicated too ?

For instance: 1 Listing has 50 Services linked to it. (If we could avoid press duplicate 50 times) that would be awesome.

Cheers, Saraiva

Hello Miguel!

Duplicating a document is basically making a copy of that sole document. Nothing else gets duplicated except that one. In the duplicated version all content will be the same, including Links to other documents, but these are just references to those docs, it doesn’t mean they get duplicated as well.

The only field that slightly changes is the UID field (if your document has it). A number will be added at the end of the UID name.

Hi Paulina,

Thanks for the prompt response.

So there is no way to duplicate all documents linked to a certain document ?

That would be a good feature for the future :slight_smile:

Cheers, Saraiva

Hey again, It is not possible but as you say it could be a cool feature to have. I’ll tag the @features-team so they can consider this for future improvements!

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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