Emojis with links in rich text field produce weird behovior

When inserting an emoji into a rich text field : :grinning: and combining it with links I run into a few problems. The links and the emojis are indeed inserted but the text in the link is not the one I selected in the prismic editor. For Example writiing :
:grin: prismic is amazing

will give back when requesting the api something like :
<p>"pr"<a href="https://prismic.io/">ismic i</a>"s amazing </p>

Is there a way to fix this problematic behavior ?

Hey Raffi, welcome to the forum!

Iโ€™m not able to reproduce this error. If I add a link followed by an emoji inside a Rich text field itโ€™s correctly served in the API response. Maybe it is related to how youโ€™re wrapping the Link.

Could you show me some examples of this to better understand whatโ€™s happening?
Screenshots or screen recordings help a lot

This issue has been closed due to inactivity.