Error while saving modification


We encounter a problem while we are trying to save some modification.

Here is the url while it happen :

Here is the error in the console :

What can we do ? Should we close the page and do the modifications again ? There is a lot of them... TT

Have a good day.

Hi Maxime,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

Can you please tell me if this is an issue that happens regularly or is it the first time?

In any case, I have created an issue in our issue tracker and we will let you know in case of any updates.


Hello Fares,

It is not the first time it happens to us, but before by forcing the save button it finally work... But since yesterday impossible for my collegue to save his modifications. (He made the error to not save one afternoon of modifications...)

Thank you for the issue, I'll wait news from you or your teamates.

Kind regards,

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Thanks for your response, I will update the issue with these informations.

Hi Maxime,

Our dev team has worked on this issue and couldn't reproduce the issue, but they found some related logs.

To be able to reproduce the issue and debug it, can you please copy the actual error instead of just the screenshot whenever you re-encounter this issue?


I'm sorry but my mates close its page so we lost the case...

OK, thanks for letting us know, If you get the issue again please Flag this Topic to open it.

This issue has been closed due to inactivity. Flag to reopen.