Extra bandwidth pricing


If I need to have more than 100GB bandwidth/month on the Free plan, what would be the extra costs?
Or do I need to upgrade to the Medium plan to get more bandwidth?

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Hey J,

If you’re on a Free plan and go beyond the 100GB of CDN bandwidth per month, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan. If you do not upgrade, we will disrupt the access to the Writing Room and the API.

Once you’ve upgraded to any paid plan, we will simply bill you for the overage. The CDN limit is a soft limit, meaning we won’t disrupt or deteriorate the service. The current price we charge for the CDN is $0.10/GB.

This means if you plan to consume more than 100GB of bandwidth/month and don’t want to upgrade to a Medium plan, you can stick with a Starter or Small plan and pay the overage.

You can find more information on the CDN limits per plan level on this page.



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