Fetch Error on Dev and Production Builds

This is happening when running npm start. Anyone else have this issue? Neither the Gatsby build or the development build succeeds when this happens. Feedback would be appreciated.

FetchError: request to https://nuvinair.prismic.io/api/v2?access_token=[REMOVED] failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT
at ClientRequest. (/Users/nuvinairtech01/htdocs/nuvinair-website/node_modules/node-fetch/lib/index.js:1461:11)
at ClientRequest.emit (events.js:193:13)
at TLSSocket.socketErrorListener (_http_client.js:397:9)
at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:193:13)
at emitErrorNT (internal/streams/destroy.js:91:8)
at emitErrorAndCloseNT (internal/streams/destroy.js:59:3)
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:81:17)
‘request to https://nuvinair.prismic.io/api/v2?access_token=[REMOVED] failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT’,
type: ‘system’,
errno: ‘ETIMEDOUT’,
code: ‘ETIMEDOUT’ }
Starting to fetch data from Prismic

Hey Thomas, did you make a change in the privacy setting of your repo? seems like the token isn’t being added. Or maybe you haven’t added it to the config?

It’s set to Private API - Require an access token for any request. I haven’t changed anything in either my app or the API & Security panel.

BTW: I’m also seeing the error below during both dev and production builds, but I was going to deal with one issue at a time and see if the solution solved both problems. The image it says failed to process loads just fine in a web browser.

RequestError: connect ETIMEDOUT
failed to process https://images.prismic.io/nuvinair/31d80f4dccc02d76fbc1d8686e466a2056c71e18_logo-spin.png?auto=compress,format

Is you internet behaving? Can you access those links in the browser?

Everything is fine with my connection. When I’m getting all those RequestError(s), it hogs all the local bandwidth and no other device on the network can access the internet. The build takes 10 minutes when it should only take 1 or 2. BTW: last night it started working just fine but today it broke again. This is a real problem, I’m dead in the water.

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Hey Thomas, I'm sorry to hear you were having trouble with this. Sorry for the long delay. Are you still having this error? Which plugin are you using?

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