Filter result in Graphql API

I am not sure if I miss something in the documentation but how to exclude some ids from a documents graphql request?

I would like to retrieve all documents except an array of ids. In my project I have a list of featured articles I would like after them to get all the articles except the featured.

In the classic api I would use predicates but with the GraphQL api I am not sure how to it and the documentation does not mention anything

Hi Quentin,

I think this might be the information that you're searching for:

Hi Phil,

I saw this but it seems that this is specific to gatsby if I am not wrong. M;y setup is just using the Graphql api directly with Nuxt.
In the Graphql explorer if I try to do something like "allArticles( filter:{..." it does not work, and I can also see that "filter" is not available to query all my documents.

Is there something I am missing ?

Sorry about that sending you the wrong info.

Yes, it seems this is not available at the moment. I'll bring this up with the team and get back to you once I know more.

Can I ask what technology you're using to do your queries in Nuxt? Is it apollo?

Yes I use apollo following this guide