Fix UID auto generation


Sometimes when making changes to content fields the UID will automatically update. This doesn't seem to always be consistent, but it is repeatable.

The UID auto generating is meant to be helpful, but when it changes based on any random field (changing the page slug unknowingly) it can cause some serious issues if users aren't constantly watching for it.

I'd rather the UID NOT auto-generate, than update randomly

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Hey, Dan. I'll mark your post as a feature request.
The UID field uses the string from the first Text field it founds in the document. That's why it seems not to be consistent if the writer isn't used to its behaviour. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @Pau

As you can see from my video, it's not just using the first text field in the document otherwise it wouldn't change when I moved to another tab and then made a text field change

Maybe this bug is because the first text field under "Main" is getting unloaded which makes the first text field in "SEO" the new first field, even though in document order that's incorrect.

Definitely a confusing bug and not super helpful when lots of quick edits are being made as the writer has to manually add a UID and/or pay super close attention to it not automatically shifting!

My apologies. I did not notice that you had kept the text of the first title the first time. This can indeed be considered an error since it can lead to confusion when editing the document. I will notify the dev team and add it as an issue in the tracker.

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