Gif images are returned in png format

I have uploaded some gifs and they display ok as gifs in the media library but when they are returned by a graphql query (using Gatsby) the url is something like,format - the file size is under 10Mb, 1.60Mb actually -> is there something I’m missing about how to display gifs?

Hi Dermot,

I’ll be happy to help.

Was you gif animated before it was uploaded? Is the issue because it’s now not animated?

Did you compress the image before you uploaded it? This can cause issues.

We deliver your images through our integration with imgix so that your images arrive pre-compressed and in the best format based on the browser.

So, if your image was non-animated and contained transparency, then it’s normal that the system delivered your image in png format.

Let me know for the above questions and we can figure this out.

Thanks, they are animated. To update I found the original mp4 files they came from, re-created the gifs and re-uploaded, they appear to be returned from prismic after graphql query as gifs so thank you.

OK, glad this worked out. Let us know if you see this again and we’ll try and see the exact formatting that cause the issue.