Github account to orginazation mistake

Just ran into a bit of a problem, changed my github account, containing prismic repositories, into an organization which of course resulted in me not being able to login to prismic..., what now? Can I get em back haha :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks in advance!

Hello @ids.ruijgh, is it possible for you to switch back to the past GitHub account?
You can do it just to be able to sign in again to your Prismic account to do the following process:

  • Return to your past GitHub account (temporarily) and click “login with GitHub” and re-authorize to use the GitHub login
  • Create a different Prismic account and transfer the ownership of your repositories to this new account, you can go ahead and move your GitHub account to an organization again.

Sadly not possible, would an option be making a new account with the same email adcress as the github account previously connected?

I understand. It isn't possible to use the same email that's connected to your GitHub account. You need to create an account using a different one.

Yes, just tried that and it also said it wasn't possible because the email was already known. Is there anyway in making a new account then accessing previous repositories connected to the now github orginisation account?

Yes, it is possible. We'll need the active admin user from the repository to send a formal request to We will ask you for the following information:

  • The repository ID
  • The email of the new owner
  • An email confirmation from the new owner

For privacy reasons, we will remove the configured credit card. Therefore the new owner will need to update their credit card information and let us know when done. Let me know if the procedure above is feasible from your side, and we can proceed.

This process is done when the repository admin leaves or loses access, which is your case.

Thank you so much for your help!

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