GitHub Dispatch event

I tried getting a GitHub Dispatch event to work without success. I've seen this topic but it's somewhat inconclusive.

In the documentation there is even a screenshot of an example webhook with GitHub (which is why I went with prismic in the first place because I saw that in the webhook docs).

The issue is, that GitHub dispatch events require an event_type to be sent in the body and there is no way to actually modify the payload at this time.

Would it be possible to simply add this field (there is type already so it could simply be a copy of this field) so people can use this hook until a proper solution (possibility to add payload data) is implemented?

Hello @m11, welcome to the Community

I will check this with the team and give you information as soon as possible. Thanks

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Hey @m11, The team informs me that at the moment, we have not yet planned to implement the possibility of adding custom body params to Webhooks.

We will make sure to add your post as a feature request for future consideration.

Hey @Pau thanks for getting back. So that means it's impossible to host a static site with Prismic on GitHub atm?

Would the team consider just adding a event_type field until the possibility of adding a body is implemented?

PS: I think that the screenshot in the docs should be removed because it is highly misleading.

I believe so, yes.
I'll add a card to our backlog so we can update that document as soon as possible.
Thanks for the heads-up. And, sorry for the inconvenience

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