Graphql in POST instead of GET

Hi all!

Do you have any idea when the GraphQL API will be accessible via POST?

GET really is too limited and we've reached a point where it really has become a pain to work with even though we still don't have that many slices (request URI too large). All the things GraphQL is supposed to make better are now mitigated by the fact that we spend all our time splitting things up, and going in the exact opposite direction of what GraphQL is made for.

This is definitely something that would make us consider using another CMS in the future if it isn't seen as a priority on your side at all, and I think other people feel that way too... I understand that the feature is marked as Alpha, but when this is one of the first features advertised on your homepage in the hero section, I believe it definitely should at least work the same way any other production ready GraphQL api works :slight_smile:



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Hello Simon, thanks for joining the Community!

I understand why your team would want this to be an option in Prismic. This would require us to have a write API and this isn't something we're planning on doing in the near future.

We've broadly discussed this in the past. There's a response by Renaud from the product team which sums up all of our reasons for not having this.

In the first part he talks about a use case in which someone wants to have a write API to allow comments from users and a workaround for it, which may not be your case but it's a good example. Further below he continues to explain why we are not considering this at the moment.

I highly recommend you to take a look at his point of view

And of course if you have comments about it or anything else let us know, feedback is always very appreciated


Hi Paulina,

Thanks for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:

I do understand the reasons why you wouldn't want to have a write API. But the issue we're struggling with, mainly the limitation of the size of the request in GET would definitely not require you to actually have a write API. It just comes down to allowing POST requests, whether it allows mutations still is up to you.

I do think that having a write API would be a great addition to what prismic offers for various reasons, but I think the thing that bothers us right now could be fixed without exposing per se a write API.

If that's not on the roadmap, then it's a shame but we'll have to find a solution somewhere else, even though we've had a great experience with prismic so far.



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Hello again Simon, a colleague just made me aware of something I was missing.

Supporting POST requests is something that the product team actually plans to do sometime in the near future.

He talks about that in this other thead (sorry for the long posts).

If you have questions about this please let me know and the team and I answer them!

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