I accidentally selected yearly rather than monthly billing


I was attempting to upgrade my repository plan to a paid plan, but I inadvertently made a transaction for the 'yearly' billing cycle, which is selected by default in the plans dashboard. I was rather attempting to contract a billing on a monthly basis. I have wrote twice to accounting@prismic.io (the reply-to email address from the receipt), without any response on Prismic's end.

Below are the details of the receipt, copy-pasted from the PDF version:

21217214 · $120.00 paid on May 10, 2024 Page 1 of 1
Invoice number CE7045690002
Receipt number 21217214
Date paid May 10, 2024
Payment method Visa - 4020
Repository manoirsweetsburg

I wish to use this project on a monthly billing basis, if you could please issue the corresponding refund and switch the billing plan. Thank you for you time.

Hey team

We advise opening a request in our support portal if you're sharing sensitive information about your project.


Hi @Pau, could you indicate me where I can find the “support portal”?

There isn't any sensitive information posted here, just the basic info from the receipt.


Just a note: if this happens to anyone, Prismic doesn't reply whatsoever. Oh well.