Image crop missing zoom tools - am I missing something?

The UI I see when I edit an image isn’t the same as on

I don’t see any option to zoom. I can slide the box around but I can’t adjust the scale.

What gives?

Hello Ben!

It seems like the documentation needs to be updated. You’re seeing the old image editor. The new tool is called Imgix and is automatically implemented to all images being delivered through the Prismic API. In your writing room you should see something like this:


This new feature works slightly different than the old process in that you can not zoom out past the original dimensions of an image to create a larger white canvas. You can still resize an image by setting the image dimensions to your required size, these modifications are done by changing the setting of the Image field in the Custom type builder.


@Paulina How are you zooming there on the top example?

@marcello You zoom in with your mouse or TouchPad.

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Is Prismic considering adding Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons on the image editor? It would be great for accessibility, and would clear up a lot of confusion for non-touchpad users.

I was editing using a stylus and the interaction wasn’t inherently clear to me for how to zoom images.

Thank you! :wave:t2:

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Hi Lupe,

I totally agree I think this would be really useful for accessibility and would be clearer.

I know the team wants to improve on this process so I’ve added your feedback and use case to our feature request tracker to help them when it comes to making this decision.

Although this isn’t something that’s being worked on at the moment and is not in our immediate roadmap. If/when this changes or if the team needs more info, we will contact you here.

Thanks again :grin:

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