Importing a file is giving an error, but the error details is not coming up

Hi @savio,

I got some feedback from our dev team, and it seems that the issue has been resolved and it was due to a rate limit issue that occurred 9 days ago, can you please check again?

Also, our dev team is asking if you are doing some automation around import? (3.8 KB)
No Luck Fares.
I am getting a fatal error but platform is not telling me the error.
my team is loosing faith in the prismic platform.
I worry they may ask to find an alternative to Prismic if this continues.

Hi @savio,
I'm really sorry to hear that; I will follow up with the dev team and try to solve this on priority.

I've got some updates from our dev team, it seems for some reason that I and you are not able to see the error in the UI but our dev team could see the error.
and here is the error

Mask `Mask(responsive_voucher_page,Responsive Voucher Page,false,{"Main":{"title":{"type":"Text","config":{"label":"title","useAsTitle":true}},"banner":{"type":"Image","config":{"constraint":{"width":2530,"height":608},"thumbnails":[],"label":"banner"}},"pagetitle":{"type":"Text","config":{"label":"pageTitle"}},"page_content":{"type":"StructuredText","config":{"multi":"paragraph,preformatted,heading1,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,heading6,strong,em,hyperlink,image,embed,list-item,o-list-item,rtl","label":"page_content"}},"meta_keywords":{"type":"Text","config":{"label":"meta_keywords"}},"meta_description":{"type":"Text","config":{"label":"meta_description"}},"accordions":{"type":"Group","config":{"fields":{"accordion_title":{"type":"StructuredText","config":{"multi":"paragraph,preformatted,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,heading6,strong,em,hyperlink,image,embed,list-item,o-list-item,rtl","label":"accordion_title"}},"accordion_content":{"type":"StructuredText","config":{"multi":"paragraph,preformatted,heading1,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,heading6,strong,em,hyperlink,image,embed,list-item,o-list-item,rtl","label":"accordion_content"}}},"label":"accordions"}}}},Some(99b58793cde8625dcf77f4118f173b85),true).id` of type single has already an instance of a document

I will continue investigating the cause of that and the error you are getting.

In fact, the issue here is a display/UI issue where the error exists, but the display of the error is broken. I have reported that to your dev team.
Here is a workaround to find the error in the DOM:

Once again, we apologize for the delay and the inconvenience

Thanks Fares.
I hope your dev team fixes this soon, as doing an inspect element wont make sense for majority of my users, who are content editors.
While the error is saying the document is already there i cannot see it on the prismic platform or via the api browser.

Hi @savio,

I think I found the cause of the error and I've tested it on a clone on your repo and the import works fine.
In fact the problem is that you didn't use the right convention of the name of the file
The right convention is translate_{grouplang}_{lang}
And you have used a dash instead of underscore

Note that you will need to change the file name and then compress changing the zip file will not fix the problem.

And regarding the UI but I have already created an issue in our tracker and our dev team will pick it as soon as possible.

Thanks Fares.
The language code for German, per the prismic platform is de-de, this is why i used that.

We also imported many documents into German using the same convention, so am rather confused.


Hi @savio, what I have mentioned is this dash translate- needs to be replaced by translate_, and the problem will be solved.

Please let me know if that is still not clear to you.

worked, thanks.

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