Increase file size limit?

Hi. we use .ZIP files for some content assets that I then sync to my frontend via Webhooks. I just found out the hard way that there is a 100mb limit on uploaded ZIP file sizes in the asset library.

Is it possible to raise this limit for our account? We have files as large as 500mb - 1gb.

Hi @rick.batka

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to raise this limit, I understand your use-case, but I think it is quite a rare use-case to host such big files. Users usually use some specialized file hosting services for this purpose.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance,

Would it be possible to have an account manager or support engineer reach out to me? The 100mb limit is causing us headaches.

Hi @rick.batka
Can you please provide your repository name (in a private message, if necessary )?

I'll respond in a private message, thanks.

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Hi @rick.batka, I've checked with my colleagues, and I have got a similar response
Prismic is not designed for large file storage, You need to use external links to the file management system of your choice.