Integration field doesn't link to the right document

Hi there,

I have a custom integration field, which I sync using the API.

I also have a document type accepting different slices. One of those slice is linking documents from my integration field.

When editing such document, I can perfectly choose the linked document from my catalog. Once selected, the Prismic UI shows the right document in the field. I can publish the document without any issue.

However, when I pull the document, the integration field includes the data from another linked document of my collection. It doesn't happen for every linked document, sometimes it works properly.

  • Repository: beemydesk
  • Document ID showing the issue: YMNyNhEAACMAgbdQ

OK, so after digging this up, I was able to track down the problem:

:arrow_right: If several documents share the same description, the issue arises.

In my case, my linked documents are conference events. I was using the description to put the name of the speaker. If several events in my catalog had the same speaker, they were having the same description. In this case, whatever the one I link in my document, the "first" one was always returned in the API.

If I change the description so that there is no duplicate, the issue disappears.

I hope it'll be helpful and that it'll help fix the bug. I'm willing to help if more information is needed.



Hi @francois

Thanks for sharing this work around, I will create an issue for this in our tracker and let you know in case of any updates.


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An issue for this has been created in our tracker and is being reviewed.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Hi, @francois can you provide us with the name of the catalogs that have the issue?