Is there a limit to the number of integration fields that can be created in a repo?

We use Prismic for our e-commerce website. We've successfully created a few integration fields over the past 2 years. However, we're attempting to create one more and it seems to continue to error out. We've used the same approach as before and followed your docs to supply the correct data structure. Is there a limit on the number of integration fields we're allowed to create? Is there another reason why the synch hasn't been successful?

Hi Siba,

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I'm not aware of such a limit, I will reach out to our DevOps team to confirm that, and It will be helpful if you can provide us with your repository name.

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Hi @siba,

I'm still checking with our production team to get the real limit of the number of catalogs you can add to a repository.

But also may I know what is your repository name and the error you get when trying to add a new Integration field catalog? and how many catalogs do you have in total? only 2?

Hi Fares,

Sorry about the late reply.

Our repository name is 66ÂșNorth.

We have 5 in total now. The specific integration field I raised this issue about started to work all of a sudden. The code didn't change so we'd still like to understand why it wasn't working and then started working on its own.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry do you mean this

Sorry, it's this one

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Hi @siba,

Thanks for sharing the repo name.

Currently, we have no public limit on the number of allowed Integration fields, I have raised a request to investigate and update the documentation.

Please let us know if you have any other inquires,