Issue importing images with query string

Importing images with the following url format via bulk import generated an issue with our Media Library.


The file extension is detected as jpg64734 and the file cannot be opened nor deleted via Dashboard.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 16.08.08

Hey @carlo1, thanks for reaching out.

  • What's the URL of your repository?
  • Have you followed the Import JSON reference for image fields?

Url of repo is

We have now removed the query string before generating the import files but all the images we imported earlier cannot be deleted via the Dashboard.

This is an example of broken image:

The URL redirects to your private repository, so I can't see the image directly.
If you need to delete media files permanently, you can delete them one by one in the Media Library, and then you can also share the URLs with us, so URL isn't accessible anymore.

You asked for URL of the repository. I thought your system admin would have access to that.

The images cannot be deleted as once you click on them it give blank page and 500 error.

We can check the error logs for repositories, but the devs could have access to private repositories only when breaking errors appear.

Ok, I see. Can you take another screenshot of the image before you try to preview it?

The white screen is after I clicked preview. I can send a video if it helps.

Here is the image before preview. All the highlighted images cannot be previewed nor deleted.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for the details.
I'll send it to the team and tell you when there's news.