JWT token refresh automatize in Alteryx?

I have a workflow in Alteryx where I pull some data from Adobe Analytics through a JSON request, but I also have some authentication credentials such as url, client id, client secret and jwt token. The problem is I have to refresh this workflow every single day and I would prefer to schedule it on Alteryx server but I have to manually change the jwt token every day in order for the workflow to run (security reasons I think). Is there any way I could automatically refresh the JWT token daily too? The token is taken from Adobe Developer Console by using a private key.

Hello @pavanbbva, welcome to the community.
Is this workflow connected to your Prismic repository?

There is a way, but it's not trivial. You would make a separate API request to get that JWT Token and then use that token in your next API request. So you're chaining requests together (two download tools).

The question is what that first API call looks like. You can usually find the URL for this API requesting alteryx by Inspecting the login page (using the Chrome Developer Tools) while logging in. Under the Network tab you should be able to see an API call being made to retrieve that token - the response will be the JWT token which you can use in subsequent API calls.

Prismic has access tokens for the API. It is not possible to refresh them automatically. If you need a new token, you can generate it from your repository settings.