Link to an existing document


In Prismic you have 3 choices for creating a link:

  • Link to the Web...
  • Link to a Document...
  • Link to a Media item...

If you choose to 'Link to a Document' you then get to choose which already-published Prismic document - e.g. blog post - you would like to link to.

And when you use this link type, the page doesn't render. You just get a blank, white screen as we experienced earlier this week with the newest blog post, which contained links to the other blog posts in the same series.

can someone help us or explained us why is not working?

Hello, @xay.tanovan,

I'll be happy to help you today!

I can't tell if this is coming from your documents or your project code. Could you tell me more about your use case? The steps of what you did in your docs to find this issue and any additional information can be helpful; that way, we can try and troubleshoot this together.

Hello @Paulina ,

In fact there is nothing special in the code, it just show the content on the prismic side. Now here is an image about how we did.

We used the features "Link" which you can choose a document. As you can see in my screenshot we found the document so it's existing and published.

Once we clicked on the link to that document on the page, it acted like a refresh of the page and dont show the document linked.

Ok, I see, so the linked document didn't get added.

I want to try and reproduce this on my end. Could you please send me the following information:

  • The URL of your repository
  • The type of the document and its UID
  • The API ID of the Link field inside the document
    You can send this info via dm if you prefer.

The problem seems to be solved

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