Links highlighted in development but not in production

I have created links in the content of our website. Our style is coded as such to keep all text for links blue. When working in development, it works correctly. But in production, the links are not blue. Seems like a prismic issue, but I cannot pinpoint it.

Thoughts? Advice?


Hey @skohring, welcome to the community!

Can you show me a visual example of what you're trying to change?
This is most probably something related to the CSS of your project. Styling and CSS are things that you manage in the front-end of your project. In Prismic you can control things like labels for the Rich Text field. Labels render a custom <span> with a label as a classname. Then you can apply certain css options to that element.

Do you have access to your project code?

Hey Pau, thanks!

I appreciate your reply. While I did not write all of the code for our site, yes, I do have access to your project code. I have looked at it in detail and it is written the way it should be. Or at least in development it works the way it should. It doesn't make sense to me that we see two different versions between development and production. See the screenshots below to see what I'm talking about..



Thanks for your help.

I see. The links don't have a blueish highlight. This is something that you'll need to change on the front-end of your project. It's not something that you can control from your Prismic repository. There's something wrong when you build the project, Maybe the styles aren't loading properly?

Hmm. Not loading properly?

From development (where it works correctly based on our code) to production (where it doesn't work)...

See how I could take that as a Prismic issue?

Hard to do know what needs to be fixed on the front end when it works just fine in development. Quite the problem I'm running into here...

Hey there!

I meant to say that the way you return your documents and render the data on your site is a process decoupled from how you handle the CSS of your code or how you build your project before deploying. I'm mentioning the building process because sometimes it is there where you can catch styling issues, for example, if you're using a compiler like Sass.

And you can be sure that your repository API works because it returns the data of your documents.