Media file replace

Is there any functional logic as to why the media images cannot be replaced?

We just found ourselves in the position where we have to replace image files on articles that are in 20+ different locales, and we had to upload the replacement image and then assign it manually to that page 20+ times, e.g. once for every locale (replace image with new one, save, publish).

Hey Tim, For the moment the way to do it is the same as you mentioned: fist upload the new image to your media library and then manually replace the image in all the documents, in all of the locales in the repo where the original image is.

Unfortunately as you’ve discovered, there is no automated way to do this or to know in which documents an image is used.

I’m going to tag the @features-team so they can add this as a feature request for future improvements.

Another thing that you may find useful is the Import / Export feature, it allows you to create new documents or update existing ones directly from your content repository's UI.

This feature is available starting from the Medium plan.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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