New to Prsimic, It's not working

Hey, I'm probally missing something but I can't figure out how to view my site. I deployed it to Vercel and set up previewing but it just shows the nextjs template with a little notification. What am I doing wrong?

Hello @samaland3r, welcome to the community!
Does your document have a UID?
The UID allows you to build the URLs for your site. Are you in the correct page?

Hey, I do have a UID on it, the UID is "homepage". When I go to the link /homepage it just returns a 404. How do I acess this page? How can I set a page as the site's homepage?

Hi, I have kind of the same problem.

Maybe it has to do with my problem: documents are not automatically synced. When I start the crash-course demo, prismic does not push the existing documents.

I use:

  • macbook, brave
  • nextjs


When I hardcode pages in nextjs, then I will be able to show the webpage. But when I create a page in the prismic dashboard it does not auomatically work.

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 15.39.21

How are you building the Route Resolver @samaland3r?

@jurre hey, are you also trying to preview a new page? it seems like the issue is different on your end. Have you been abe to run the project locally?

Hi Pau,
It is indeed a little different.

I tried several ways starting over again, and different tutorials. And now it seems to work. Thanks! (i still have some questions about the route and link resolver, but I will find a better place to ask that question).

I have no idea what a Route Resolver is, here's the code:
I used this tutorial and followed it to setup

Here you can learn about the Route Resolver:

And here's the document to learn how to define paths in Next.js

My Route Resolver is set up how it's set up in the tutorial/docs.
I really want to use prismic but it's frustrating how non-beginner friendly it is.

Here's the full code:

I'm really frustrated right now - I really want to use prismic and it would be a great solution for us, but no matter what I do it doesn't want to work. Since no one is responding, I decided to try completely remaking the project but now it's giving me different errors and has different problems. Now it thinks that I don't have any custom types when I do


Hey @samaland3r, I can take a look at your code if you like, but the GitHub link is throwing a 404.

Thanks, forgot I had it on private. You should be able to view it now!

Thanks. We'll take a look and tell you what we find.

That would be great, thanks!

@samaland3r, I can't reproduce the error on my end. Could you send us a screen recording of the error?