New User Working in Templates - Specific to my website


I had a few questions about a new page I uploaded to my prismic website: ACG

  • The banner image loads nicely on desktop, but not on mobile – do you know why this is / have any suggestions on workarounds?

  • Ideally, this page would be the end link to 2 different logos from this broader landing page: ACG

    • I’d like to individually have the Tender Greens and Tocaya logos instead of in one image together as they currently stand, and have each logo link back to the same page – is this possible to do?
    • I thought of making 2 duplicate pages, but looks like the key news articles can only be tagged with one partner brand which won’t work

Appreciate any thoughts!

Hello @acgpartner, thanks for reaching out!

It seems to me that these changes are related to the styling of your site. These types of changes need to be made from the front-end of your application.

Do you have access to the code? if not you will need to ask the developer in charge of your project for help.

Hey @acgpartners!

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