Pages are not being indexed

screaming frog says pages are not indexable. is there a 301 redirect already on? i can send file to see

Hello @jamal, thanks for reaching out.

Have you seen Screaming frog's official docs? Maybe you can find them helpful to understand why the URLs of your site aren't crawling.

I will send you what I see. How do you set up canonicals and 301s and how do you remove them?

can we speak privately I cannot put up the screaming frog data to forum

Yes, we can continue the conversation in a dm if you prefer.
I'll send you a message.

yes please. where will i get the dm?

You should have received a notification with my message.
Have you seen the solution I proposed in that thread?

on my thread?

please send link to theead

Here it is:

where is my code being hosted

We'll be happy to help you. We're going to need a bit more context. We don't fully understand your question.

Are you asking about where your project code is hosted? This is something that needs to be handled by the developer in charge of your project.

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