Preserve link state between link selections

Feature Idea (one per thread):

When selecting multiple links the link-state could be preserved to make selecting links easier (often the case, for things like navigation, relations or even just within content)

Issue that it solves:

This is a very minor issue, but when selecting links there's a lot of repeat clicking

  1. Add link
  2. Select from documents
  3. Search (of some kind)
  4. Select the correct page
  5. If you have another link, go to 1

In my experience, it's quite rare that even if the option to link to different types of documents exists, the user will often need to switch back and forth between different document types so much that starting from the beginning makes sense.

Instead, I would propose that the first time a user edits a page and chooses to add a link, this flow makes sense, but for every link after that, the user starts from 4 (ie, where they left off last time they selected a link).

This would act the same way if you selected a pre-existing link and then selected "select another document"

The user always has the option of navigating back if they choose, but this way will avoid a lot of unnecessary clicking in many scenarios, and doesn't increase the number of clicks if the preserved state is wrong (and they need to switch to an external link, for instance).

Hello Dan, thank you for the feedback!

I totally understand why constantly having to open the right-side navigation and doing extra steps to perform a search is not ideal for some cases. I'll mark your thread as an open feature request :wink:

You can partially resolve this by using tags inside your documents and setting constraints in the Content Relationship or Link field. This will help you significantly reduce the number of documents that appear in the results.


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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