Preview issues on Prismic

Hi there,

For more than a month now, the preview button isn't working properly on my account. Basically, an error 404 appears and I have to publish my content to see what it looks like.
Even once it's publish, I can't see the changes I'm making in real time and have to let my content publish several minutes before seeing any new modification.

Could you help me with this issue please ?

Thanks a lot,

@llevy, I have investigated the code you have posted here, and still, I didn't find the cause of the issue.
I will check with our dev team for more information, and also, It would be useful if you could send us (in a private message if necessary) a zip file of your entire project to try to run it locally.

I also advise you to migrate to the new preview mechanism as described here

Let's try to keep the discussions here except for any private info that you will provide.