Prismic Docker container for local development

Hey guys

I was wondering if there's any way to run Prismic locally such as with a Docker container? For context our dev team is spread out throughout the world and it'd be nice, while developing, for each of us to have our own isolated Prismic environment. There are pros / cons to this, but we're just investigating our options. One thing we've talked out about is how to keep development smooth when one of us is having connectivity issues. We currently have all our other services running in Docker containers ( Redis, Postgres, etc ) but Prismic is one of our main points of failure should a dev be trying to work offline. Granted this doesn't happen a lot, but we do see some value in being able to do this.


Hey Matt,

So in terms of taking the content editor offline, it's not possible. But development offline is totally possible using Slice Machine.

It allows you to create your Custom Types locally and version everything with Git.

Hopefully, this is what you're searching for.

Let me know.


Thanks Phil, we had seen the Slice Machine and was really hoping to be able to use the content editor offline / locally. No worries, thanks all the same!