Prismic preview toolbar overflows on the right on mobile, cant close preview

Hi all, the preview functionality works well for me, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one facing this issue on mobile where I can't click the close preview button.

Here's how it looks for me, I've tried to edit by using global CSS but it doesn't work because the CSS is injected via a shadow root.

Is there anything I can do to reveal the X button to close my preview on mobile?

Hello @gabrielszewh

Thanks for pointing this out to us. I'll raise this issue with my team.

For the moment, there is a workaround, and you can exit from preview mode:

  1. Click on the developer tool.
  2. Find the PrevieMenu .X CSS class name and clear the position: absolute CSS.

That's how you can see the cross button and clear the previews.


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