Prismic with docker-compose

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a starter/boilerplate docker-compose manifest for Prismic with GatsbyJS or something similar that can be replaced with GatsbyJS. Do you know of anything that may exist? I've been looking around and thus far have found nothing.

Hey @ecda909, for the moment, we only have one available starter project with Gatbsy and Prismic. You can check it out here: Starters with Gatsby - Documentation - Prismic

@Pau I don't see a docker-compose manifest in that article. Moreover I cloned the repo and there doesn't seem to be one there either. Am I missing something?

Hey @ecda909, I missed clarifying that this project doesn't use docker-compose manifest.
Right now, it's our only Gatsby sample project.

I'll add a note in our backlog to consider expanding the project to more complex examples.